Syria Becoming

Who are we? And where do we go from here?

Syrians grapple today with these fundamental problems, in a world where so much is upturned. As we—Synaps’ Syrian team—ask ourselves these same questions, we have found clues in more than two thousand interviews conducted with fellow Syrians from all walks of life. These stories, along with our own analysis, have so far been largely invisible to the public. That will now change.

Based on our archive of fieldwork, we present a series of short essays that explore everyday Syria as it turns to face the future. These essays reverberate the voices of Syrians themselves—notably youth, women, and people in the countryside. The goal is to hold a mirror to our home, and strive to find the best answers together.
9 May 2022

Illustration credit: "Umbrella" by Boutros Al Maari, gratefully reproduced with permission of the artist.