Who are we?

Synaps is a research laboratory. Our research seeks better information for the public good, and involves equal parts global concerns and personal experiences. We focus on...

The environment

Especially adaptations and innovations in water management, the use of energy, and agriculture.

Everyday economics

Notably how vulnerable people gain access to basic necessities, jobs, and financial services.


Applied to improving our consumption of key resources, including information.

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We conduct extensive fieldwork among communities grappling with social problems, to define solutions on their terms.

  • Fieldwork
  • Documentation
  • Publishing


We create tools, notably software, to make information easier to use and process, focusing on visual design.

  • Data science
  • Design
  • Application


We host training programs. We hire young professionals locally, train them on the job, and transfer key skills to peer organizations.

  • Fellowships
  • Residencies
  • Courses

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